Still Life Painting

Still life is a kind of painting that illustrates plucked fruits, flowers, or motionless objects. Drawing a still life, an artist draws not just flowers, fruits and objects – he reveals to a viewer his attitude to nature, understanding of beauty and harmony. Even before these pictures became a separate art genre, they were a part of many beautiful paintings. They helped emphasize the beauty of the depicted things.

Artists and Their Techniques

Now artists have a huge range of tricks that allow creating various modifications of the classic still life. For work are used not only the usual paints and brushes but also cuttings from magazines, polymer clay, coloring powder, and even amber.

picture fruits

In addition, the painters work not only in a realistic style but also apply different techniques that let cause more impression of the work – styling, exaggeration, techniques of abstract art and impressionism. Still life like pop art has a long history, since ancient Rome, this genre was popular in many countries. In fact, there are many kinds of still life, but the most common is a representation of fruits with objects of everyday life.

Look at the pictures below. It is an example of still life. As you can see the artist tried to make the pictures very detailed. It is counted that objects have to look almost like alive. Artists always use the warm colors painting still life.

Have you noticed that matching fruits with other interior objects creates the whole composition? Don’t forget about the shadows. It makes a picture more real. The background of a picture is mostly monotonous in dark colors. It helps to emphasize the main objects. Still life is a good genre for beginner artists because it is not complicated to paint and helps develop the skills of drawing objects in the space.

picture fruits

It always looks stylish and sometimes even posh. Still life pictures are always a good present. This is a sign of good taste and always complements the interior.


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