Open Figure Drawing: Where to Start?

There are lots of people who want to start to draw professionally, but they do not have an opportunity or a desire to go to some drawing school. These people can buy the best pencils and papers, ask everybody to become a model and to pose them, take many orders for the portraits of their friends and dream about their gallery – but they can still be not able to draw even simple things.

So, if you are one of those guys or you just want to do your job well – here are some small tips that can help you.

Figures and Symmetry

It is hard at the beginning to understand, but try to find geometric figures in the subjects that you want to draw – it would be easier for you to arrange different things correctly and to draw them in the right form. It is so important when we are talking about a person, for instance.

However, there is one point here also: do not think that everything should be symmetrical. There is no symmetry in our body and even if you use figures for drawing they are all might be different.

open figure drawing


Be focus only on your work and also be careful with it – do not drink coffee or something that can paint your drawing in the way you do not want. If you have an opportunity – try not to compare yourself with other artists, and it does not matter if they are beginners as you or somebody who is known all around the world.

Just don’t do that – concentrate on yourself and try to become a professional, improve your skills and style. And also remember – it is not a fast job. You will need some time to get experience and to become able to draw animals or your personal characters and more.

Take Care About Your Hands

First of all – relax. Probably all the beginners flex every muscle of their fingers and hand to draw one line. There are lots of minuses in that way of drawing:

  • You become tired very fast because you never relax. So, the process does not give pleasure and you think all the time when this hell is going to end;
  • It is not a fact that you can draw some subject perfectly in a one time, so you will try more and more, and you will become more aggressive because of every failure you have and your hands will be flexed harder and harder until you punch a hole in that shit of paper;
  • It would be really hard to understand where is your new lines and where are old ones. The layers of figures will probably become one whole picture, but you would not know how to draw it correctly ones.

So, if you do not want to face those problems – just relax. Relax your hand and fingers and try to draw with the whole arm, just become a single entity with your arm and draw lines that are not bold and that is very thin. If you do not like something – you can easily wipe it out.


So, this is the article more for those ones who want to draw people, but there are two more ways for you to develop – drawing landscapes, for example, or different vases and fruits (this is also useful for the beginners, they study still-life painting in the almost all drawing schools).

And remember – you will have success if you practice as more as you can – draw something while you are going somewhere by subway or bus, draw in the café or anywhere you want. Then you will see the result! 

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