Marine Art History

Marine is a genre of a painting depicting a marine view, as well as a scene of battles or other events at sea. It is a kind of landscape. As an independent type of landscape painting, the marina was distinguished at the beginning of the 17th century in Holland.

Marine in Different Countries

Artists painting marinas are called mariners. In France, there is even the official title of the artist of the Navy, conferred by the Minister of Defense to outstanding marine painters. The title can be awarded not only to artists but also to photographers, illustrators, engravers and sculptors.

Dutch painters depicted the sea in its various forms: it could be the calm sea, a storm or even a tsunami. This kind of painting absolutely differs from still life, which is dispassionate. Marine will not leave you indifferent anyway.

calm sea

Sea can be a background for sailboats, sailing against the sunset, or on the contrary, participating in sea battles. In addition, the sea element is sometimes endowed with a special meaning, embodying the stormy “sea of life” or the element of love and passion.

Using image of the sea elements, dutches relied on symbolism. The element could signify both the vastness of life and the wave of feelings that swept over, etc. There was a place for water and in religious subjects.

The definition of “marina” shouldn’t be approached too narrowly. For example, the Venetian form of the marina is not exactly a marina. These paintings are about Venice and the Adriatic Sea, ports and mythological scenes.

Marinas turned out to be the most demanded, first of all, not classicists, but romantics. And in fact, it depict a storm of feelings through a sea storm. And since in romanticism the ultimate states were especially appreciated, the marina turned out to be a very convenient genre in this sense: an ideal way to show the maximum emotional intensity by placing a person in a raging element.


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