Landscape Art

Ancient artists scLandscape is a genre of art, the main purpose of which is the reflection, using painting or graphics of natural or modified nature. The first images associated with the landscape genre can be found in rock art.

Ancient artists depicted on the walls of caves schematic drawings of rivers or lakes, trees and rocks. There were discovered drawings with hunting scenes and rituals. Ancient artists depicted simple landscapes next to the figures of animals and people, not giving the opportunity to specify the place of act.

Origin Story

As an independent genre, landscape stood out in the art in Chinese painting in the 6th century. Pictures of middle-aged China convey the world around us very poetically. The spiritualized and majestic nature of these paintings maken mostly with silk ink, appears as a vast universe that has no boundaries. The traditions of Chinese landscape painting had also a profound effect on Japanese art.

Landscape with water

In the art of Western Europe, landscape as a separate genre appeared much later than in the art of the countries of the East. In the Middle Ages, according to church canons, the landscape was interpreted only as an environment for the characters. A huge interest to the landscape appeared at the Renaissance. Many paintings showed the desire of artists to achieve a harmonious and coherent image of nature and a human.

Landscape painting is a great achievement in the world of art. It turns into the field of creativity one of the most important components of reality surrounding a human – the world of nature. Landscape can usually be mixed with still life and historical painting.

The historical development of landscape painting was associated with perceptions changed about a human on nature and his place there. It was determined by the awareness of the human role in the process of historical development.

nature painting
nature painting

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