Historical Painting

Historical painting originated in the Renaissance, artists painted important cultural and historical events. Historical paintings are not always based on history, it also includes various types of painting, such as mythology and biblical events.

The paintings of this genre show a viewer major historical events and smaller, deeds of prominent personalities, also manners, traditions, and way of life of people who lived in the distant past.

Five Main Categories

  • Religious. The name speaks for itself: this includes any paintings based on different beliefs. A large number of works on the Christian theme were created in the times of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation
  • Mythological. Refers to the pictures, which are based on illustrating the plot from mythology, fable or legend. Examples include paintings depicting Greek and Roman gods.
  • Allegorical. These pictures contain a hidden meaning, a number of references and metaphors. They make a viewer think and make own conclusion.
  • Literary. A narrower category, which is sometimes interpreted as a mythological painting. Consists of pictures on themes taken from literature.
  • Historical. The simplest category that describes real events, moments of history, historical figures

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Look at pictures below. You can notice some historical elements, objects of everyday life. Historical painting can describe not only some historical events but also the usual type of living or dressing that was relevant same period of time ago.

Historical painting

The main purpose of these paintings is to inspire a viewer to show the main historical events. Frankly speaking, sometimes it is much more interesting to observe pictures than reading books. So these pictures can be used as a material for studying history by children. It will make children more involved in the studying process.

 Historical painting

In our time, history still worries painters. Modern artists are inspired by various historical moments, interpret plots about past events in different ways.

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